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My Husband and I putting landscaping around our “modular home” from the last article I published. Thank you for reading and looking.

Hi, Nat here, and I have a huge bone to pick with people in general. Can we stop looking down on people in trailer homes and mobile homes? In this day and age, people live in yurts, school buses (my best friend does), container homes, and even converted corn cribs here in the midwest. Side note, if someone in a non-agricultural state lives in a converted corncrib they are just trying to be cool. BUT the whole point of me being here is we need to stop judging other people’s living arrangements, so fine, live in a corn crib even…

Hello, I am author and artist Natillie Painter. I was led to Medium by an international author friend. At first, I rolled my eyes because the idea of another website and another username and another password, made my eyes cross. But I also know how hard it is to drive traffic towards one’s endeavors. The fact that I should be writing a novel right now that is due in thirteen days instead of being on here is beside the point. If you aren’t an author that procrastinates…are you really an author?

I am one of three authors at Big Canvas…

Natillie Painter Of Big Canvas Reads

I am tired of summing myself up in 160 characters.

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